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Hikikomori - former Senior Editor of, The first and only official Blizzard Fansite for World of Warcraft Achievements. It was World of Warcraft that first introduced him to the achievement hunting spirit where for several expansions he was the Top 3rd Frost Mage DPS in the world. He enjoys currently being ranked in the Top 10 in the world for Steam Achievements.

Outside of achievement hunting he’s a 20+ year musician and casual Twitch Streamer where he streams anything from video games like Rocksmith playing guitar and bass to Magic the Gathering tournaments.


Known for taking on the form of various family and objects associated with Fabio Lanzoni, Fabio can usually be found jumping into the nearest gaming bandwagon or giving out empty promises to complete long grinds.

If there’s some form of important discussion going on, it’s safe to assume he’s one of the many lurkers.


Founded 100Pals in 2015. Xeinok was pretty much born an achievement hunter and tries to 100% everything he does in life - far before actual achievement systems existed, child Xeinok would still attempt to collect "100%" in his favorite games like Earthbound, Deus Ex, Morrowind, etc.

Outside of gaming, Xeinok is an environmental industry executive, polyglot lover of foreign languages/culture/food, lifelong competitive martial artist (Karate/BJJ/MMA/Kendo), annoying car-singer, and tournament longsword fencer.



Jippen is a mostly PC achievement hunter with a hacking habit currently residing in 'Murica. Mostly fond of indie games, puzzlers, and anything with a really good story. Not a fan of broken achievements. Generally a nice guy, willing to lend a helping hand or advice where needed - when not engaging in some light trolling.

Also a furry. #dealwithit


Sellyme is a multi-platform achievement hunter, data analyst, and hobbyist programmer from Adelaide, South Australia. He is rumoured to secretly be a robot designed to turn coffee into Steam achievement


Luma is an occasional achievement hunter who mostly plays platformers and story based games.

She aims to help create a welcoming environment for all kinds of achievement hunters and is responsible for programming our Discord Bots and other tools.


[LD] Rainbow Punk