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AStats launched in November 2010 and is developed by one person: Mytharox. AStats focuses fully on Steam and is the the go-to site for unique achievement-by-achievement guides. AStats has a long list of various leaderboards and a selection of tools for achievement hunting. AStats is one of the oldest and most used trackers - it has helped Achievement Hunting to become a more well-known hobby.

Also known as “” or “cme”, and developed solely by luchaos since 2014. cme is a statistics-focused website where users are offered a wide range of useful tools/graphs/charts and endless filters regarding their Steam and RetroAchievements data. While cme currently lacks leaderboards, luchaos is focused on making hunting easier and more accessible by simplifying the huge amounts of public information on our Steam profiles with cme’s beautiful, simplistic design. powers a real-time feed of EVERY achievement change across all of Steam’s 20,000+ games and apps in the #steam-feed channel on the 100Pals Discord.


Multi-platforming achievement hunters will love MGS, released in 2011. It supports and combines almost every gaming platform with achievements including: Steam, XBox, PlayStation, GOG, RetroAchievements, WoW, FFXIV, and many more. Oskar Holmkratz (primal_r, the head developer), Linda Holmkratz, Martin Berglund and Geilson Fonte worked on making this dream come true, a place where you can combine everything you have hunted across every platform. MGS contains several interesting leaderboards, including crew leaderboards where 100Pals has been the Number 1 worldwide team for years.

Don't forget to join our 100Pals MGS Crew! The password is “trolleybus”.


Steam Hunters
Steam Hunters, developed by Rudey, is the most recently-created achievement tracker, having started development in 2015 with release to the public in January 2017. SH is a Steam-only tracker that uses a unique point formula for its leaderboards where a game’s total value is based on its rarest achievement. Rudey, the one and only creator of this fastly-growing tracker states that it is "Yet Another Steam Achievement Tracker", but SH is a great new contender for Steam achievement hunter leaderboards and is updated very regularly.



Achievement Scouts & Achievement Scouts 2
Simple & direct curation of all Steam games to confirm that the achievements are working, to quantify effort/time, and to post major time-saving techniques.

Good Games to 100%

100Pals "Good Games to 100%" Curator
Great games that reflect the many tastes of the 100Pals Achievement Hunting Community.


VR Achievement Hunters
Testing out the achievements in VR games.

100Pals Projects

100Pals Workshop - Discord server with public and private channels for discussion of various 100Pals projects and events.

100Pals Championship - We hold regular events for fame and glory.

Favorite Achievements Mosaic - The Pals came together and built a massive mosaic of all our favorite achievements over the years.

Transferrable Game Saves List - List of games that can import saves from other platforms such as mobile and PlayStation.

Security Tips for Hunters - Keep your cheevos and accounts safe with these security tips!


Missing Achievements/Games Recovery Tool -'s recovery tool for if achievement trackers and your Steam have desynchronized what achievements and games they show you.

Achievement Tracker Userscripts - Userscripts that allow you to very easily move between various achievement trackers + Steam + SteamDB.

100Pals Crews & Guilds

CasinoRPG - "100Pals" - Be at least Level 8 then Mention: @AmorousEyes and ask for a new slot to be added.

Clicker Heroes - "TheEnclave", "100Clicks", "Caamora". Limited to 10 people each. Check in #clicker-pals for more info.

Destiny 2 - "100Pals" ( - Finish the Prologue and Mention Deiru to get added.

Dragon Lords: 3D Strategy - "100Pals" - First Build a Guild Tower and then search for 100Pals and join.

Elder Scrolls Online - "AchievementPals" (Pc) - Add @Allalinor, @DrFestus or @AmorousEyes ingame to get added.

Forza Horizon 3 - "P4L5" (XBox/Win10) - Message STGMDJ on XBox Live to get added.

Grand Theft Auto V - "100Pals" - Rockstar Games Social Club

Guns of Icarus - "100p"

Mini Guns - "100Pals" (Steam) - Invitations only. Mention YouGotHitByGunner. Limited to 20 people.

Modern Combat Versus - "100Pals" (Steam) - Invitations only. Mention YouGotHitByGunner. Limited to 20 people. Note: At least 500 trophies needed.

Sniper Fury - "100Pals" (Steam) - Invitations only. Mention YouGotHitByGunner. Limited to 20 people. Note: At least 1000 trophies needed.

Warframe - "100Pals" (Steam) - Mention Allalinor, Hrulfyr or Hikikomori in #warframe-pals to join.

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